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Updated: Feb 24, 2021

As I sit and watch the snow fall for the umpteenth time, we are on day 4 of the snowpocolypse in TEXAS. All week I just kept thinking of how inconvenient the snow is, especially for those who struggle to get around when the weather is perfect. The snow makes it more difficult for a lot of reasons (and not just for me.) Still, I drive a scooter and that is not a possibility right now to get out and about. Mostly my cupboards are bare and it is hard not to just go into a panic. Not to mention my adventurous self would like to get out and play in it.

Fortunately, I have had heat, water, a fire place, people who have checked in. I think to others who have been without water and heat and the feeling of guilt takes over me. Shoot... there are people without water for almost a week now. I could not put a name on this heavy feeling for a while, but I feel guilty. My physical pain has been kept at tolerable, and emotionally I feel the weight of this past week.

This morning I woke up, saw my dogs (and my fiancé) and the saying came to me: “one day at a time.” That saying has got me through some bad times. But, today I realized. “one day at a time” it does not mean the best is yet to come, it can mean look at today, we cant do much about the weather or our abilities in the weather. We can take today though and enjoy it. Rather than he weighed down in guilt or feel helpless, we can check in on our friends, count our blessings or lend a helping hand, even if it’s just a phone call.

There is a beauty watching it snow. Most people here in Lubbock have had some power for a while. So take this day and enjoy the things around you whether it’s a bed, a book, or these huge beautiful flakes.

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