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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Image of man to the left holding hands with a little woman on the right while sitting in front of stone waterfall with cascading water.
Neil and I.

Hello! My name is Monica Pratt. As the Relocation Coordinator for LIFE Inc., I coordinate with our team of Relocation Specialists to help those who are in Nursing Facilities to relocate back into community living. We believe that people with disabilities can be overall happier when living in the community like everyone else, with supports in place as needed. Our Re-Connect program motivates me because I know that it has helped many with disabilities who would otherwise not have that chance to leave the Nursing Home.

As someone with a form of dwarfism and who has multiple physical challenges, I have long been an advocate for those with disabilities. While earning my Associates in college in New Jersey, I formed a social group for students who have various disabilities, as I found there were so many barriers for getting out and mingling with others. Upon moving back to Texas, I went on to obtain my Bachelor of Business Administration and marry my college sweetheart. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled in and outside of the USA and to learn about and experience what it means to be able to function with physical challenges.

With a view to help educate the public about dwarfism, in a most notable effort I was fortunate to be a part of a TLC documentary “Dwarf Standing Tall” and have also been featured or mentioned in 4 books concerning social aspects of dwarfism. Previously, I worked as Headquarters Administrator for Little People of America, as the first employee hired by the otherwise all-volunteer organization. These experiences proved to me that there is great value in education and resources.

Like everyone else, life with a disability isn’t just about the challenges, it’s also about the joys of living life. With family, close friends, being active in Christian fellowship, and welcoming new friends of various experiences, all have added to a wonderful quality of life. Staying motivated, social, caring for your body to stay well, obtaining assistance when needed, are all keys I’ve found in the pursuit of a life worth living. As I have found LIFE Inc. to be a wonderful resource, I hope you too would contact us to get valuable assistance if needed!

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