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  • What is LIFE Inc.?
    Lifetime Independence for Everyone (LIFE) is an organization that was established in 1988 in Lubbock, Texas to assist people with significant disabilities. LIFE Inc. consists of two Centers for Independent Living, LIFE Inc. in Lubbock and Disability Connections in San Angelo.
  • What are Centers for Independent Living (CILs)?
    Centers for Independent Living are non-profit organizations that assure programmatic access to housing, employment, transportation, recreational facilities and health and social services. CIL services are designed, directed and delivered by qualified individuals with disabilities, themselves. CILs are not places where people live, but instead, are strong advocates for community inclusion.
  • How is LIFE Inc. funded?
    LIFE Inc. is funded by state, federal, local and private dollars. LIFE’s funders include U.S. Health & Human Services, Texas Health & Services Commission, Texas Workforce Commission, Social Security Administration and community and state philanthropists.
  • Who qualifies for services?
    LIFE provides services to individuals of all ages, with all types of significant disabilities and whose disability is creating a barrier toward independent living in the family, in the community or in employment. LIFE also provides information and referral, as well as education to its respective communities.
  • How can I access services?
    Services are available Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Programs are accessible to all individuals with disabilities without regard to disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or minority background. To obtain services, call the Center to schedule an appointment.
  • How do individuals with disabilities find the necessary support & assistance?
    LIFE is a great resource for people with disabilities striving to maintain their independence. The Centers offer a wide spectrum of services from providing assistance locating affording accessible housing, peer support, to life skills training courses such as cooking, transportation, managing a budget, and many more useful skills.
  • How is LIFE Inc. different from other disability organizations?
    Growing out of the Disability Rights Movement, Independent Living Centers were created with the explicit goal of integration and advocacy — for example, people with disabilities must comprise, at a minimum, 51% of LIFE’s Board of Directors, thus putting policy and advocacy decisions in the hands of the people those decisions directly impact.
  • How many CILs are there in Texas?
    Currently, there are 27 Centers for Independent Living in Texas.
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