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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Hello everybody! My name is Andy Van Arum and I am the Health and Fitness Coordinator for LIFE, Inc. As such, my primary function is to schedule activities and offer instruction in hopes to benefit the many aspects of wellness for our consumers. My hope is that people will learn to use their abilities to create a healthy lifestyle in order to improve independence.

I have been passionate about health and fitness my whole life and enjoy learning new information as the industry matures. I received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences with a Minor in Health in 2008. I also focused my study on Biomechanics (also known as Kinesiology). I grew up a swimmer, but also trained and practiced in many other sports. Towards the end of high school, I transitioned my training into Martial Arts and have been practicing and teaching Shaolin-Do Kung Fu & Tai Chi ever since.

In my spare time I enjoy crafting, carving, and generally making things, also gardening, camping, playing games, and most of all spending time with my wife and kids, family, friends, and pets. If you get me started on these subjects, the conversation may never end.

My passion for overcoming obstacles also led to the creation of the Blue Horse Festival. Blue Horse is a celebration of overcoming obstacles. We all have barriers in life that need to be conquered, and my goal is to help you overcome yours.

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