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Sometimes I encounter someone who knows that some exercise would be beneficial for them but are reluctant to get started due to concern for getting sore. This is a legit concern, especially if mobility is already difficult. There is the old saying “No pain, No gain.” A popular saying in the gym, but not really true. A body that has not been active and already used to exercise needs time to adjust and adapt to the movements. So, for those of you just starting out on a fitness plan and we’re only exercising for about 10 minutes per visit, I promise it is not a waste of time. We are allowing time to monitor how your body reacts before we know we can increase time and exercises. Just because you are not dripping sweat and “feeling the burn,” does not mean you are wasting your time or not doing enough. Be mindful of your body, and dedicate to your plan. You can bump up your intensity gradually, and you will start to notice the benefits without suffering your workouts.

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