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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, active cases and deaths among the unvaccinated continue to rise, requiring us to maintain responsible social distancing. This means many of us will not get to enjoy community and social activities in order to keep ourselves and other safe and healthy. Staying isolated affects us in many ways. One of which is reduced activity. So, what can you do to stay active while staying at home? Here are 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Choose Dedication

Dedication to yourself and moving towards your goals will get you there. Motivation can come and go, but if you are dedicated, you will exercise or perform your activities regardless of how motivated you are to do them.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Choose days of the week and time of the day to dedicate to an activity or exercises. For example, if you wake up early enough you can exercise with the PBS programs in the morning like Sit and Be Fit, or Yoga. Go for a walk after breakfast, or after dinner in the evening. 3-4 times per week use a resistance band or free weights for exercise. Every Monday dust the home, every Tuesday vacuum, every Wednesday dedicate to a hobby. I could write a book about all the possible ways to customize a plan, but if you need some suggestions, give me a call. I also have resistance bands to give to Health & Fitness Program participants.

Step 3: Choose Dedication

Did I mention that I think dedication is more important than motivation? Dedicate to the plan, and follow through with discipline.

Step 4: Optimize Your Environment

Create a space to be used for your chosen activity. Remove distractions or temptations.

Also, have planned alternate activities in case your environment doesn’t cooperate. For example, if you planned to go for a walk, but it rains, have a secondary indoor activity in mind like practicing balance, or creating a healthy recipe, etc.

Step 5: Choose Dedication

Overcoming an obstacle starts with the mental preparation to do so.

That concludes my 5 simple steps to start and stay active. Activity is important, regardless of pandemic or not. Regular activity has many immediate and long-term benefits and can improve your quality of life.

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